HueTrition Starter Pack with Our Founder


Meet with our founder, Monica for a mini consultation to get you started on your journey

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  • A HueTrition health assessment
  • Consultation with our founder, Monica

Monica H. San Miguel, Founder & CEO

“This is Your World. Color it or someone else will.” Monica H. San Miguel is a food and health industry visionary, digital innovator, entrepreneur, and author (link to e-book) She is a nutrition and health & wellness expert, driven to spread the word about healthy eating. Having spent more than 18 years in a variety of leadership roles in the food, health and wellness industries, she is uniquely qualified for the job! A life-long athlete, played tennis at both the collegiate and professional levels, earning a full athletic scholarship to Texas A&M University to earn her nutritional science degree. She then earned her MBA in Marketing and completed Ph.D. coursework in Healthcare Marketing. Received her personal training certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association in 2000. She is the proud mother of two children with a mission to preventative health by creating a grass-roots movement for everyone to lead a healthy, colorful lifestyle.

More about HueTrition Live:

Introducing HueTrition Live! The first health & wellness live platform where you can contact experts, attend health & wellness support groups, see healthy culinary events with our Chefs, take online classes & reach your goals all in one! What you’ll need for this service is a computer with a webcam or phone with a camera feature, and access to the internet.


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